About us

My lab story

Stylish laboratory glassware for home use!

A story about chemistry in the broadest sense.

Chemistry is everywhere
It's cooking
It happens
It's a connection
It's love
It protects us
It's energy
It makes a change
It's in all of us
...and improving our life.

My lab story is about discovering, tasting & enjoying.
Enjoying life! Offline and wireless. It's about the place where you feel in greatest comfort: your home, the place where ideas are born. Ideas that are meant to come alive and not to be forgotten. So, keep them alive!  Discover; create your own style; follow your heart; mix and share; improve, try again and give it as a gift.

It's your story, your home and you are in control.

Dries Dauwe


A one man thing

Hi my name is Dries Dauwe, owner and founder of The Lab Brewer, My Lab Story and The Brewing Community. 

My dream is to build a community of users who love creating their own custom made elixirs and want to share their experiences and recipes with the world. This community is about the love of pure ingredients, origins and unique creations. Creations that are made with The Lab Brewer and fit your personality and style of living. Creations are made with love. They need time and are modified until a perfect equilibrium is found. Drip by drip, allowing chemistry to do its work.


I had the chance to pre-test The Lab Brewer. I made cold brew using the Ethiopian Coffee that is sold on the website. If you mix it with milk and monin Syrup, the result was a sweet and refreshing surprise. The aroma was an amazing discovery! I am a fan! Go Dries!


If you think the hype of gin is over. You are wrong! Gin moves to another level. Personalisation is the present and the future. Find your own taste. Brewing your own botanical... In my opinion, this is meant to last. Good luck with your project!

Tom D.V.